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Something for the weekend…

International Idiot, Tycho, sent me a URL yesterday… and while I usually disregard the crap that Tycho sends me as pointless spam this time I was bored, decided to chance it and clicked the link.

Well, I was rewarded greatly. The site is called Homestar runner and hosts a plethora of flash animated adventures featuring a very original cast of characters: Bubs, Strong Sad, Pom Pom and many more – each drawn more poorly than the next! The real stand out characters though are the sites name sake ‘Homestar Runner’ and the anti-hero ‘Strong Bad’.The latter of which appears in a series of animations that consist of the gravel voiced toon answering fan mail!

The best place to start at the Homestar Runner site is the brilliantly crafted ‘First time?’ page – if clicking that link doesn’t get you laughing or leave you wanting to explore the rest of the site then there is a great possibility that your internet connection is down or that you have recently received some form of blunt force trauma to the head area.

Now, A Weekend Drive By:

Speaking of head injuries: TFM doesn’t look like poop anymore! However this continues to do so.

At the Underground: Dennis tells a story and Jake tells you whatever comes to his head!

Got Questions?: Don’t say you weren’t warned! The Ask An Idiot dancers have gathered once again to answer such dumbass questions as: “If human sperm looks like little tadpoles, does frog sperm look like little people?” – that orta fill your weekend!

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