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X-Men: The Last Post… I promise!

Ah, well. The day has finally arrived. The java clock has fallen silent.. but not before letting off some LOST style ‘boop’s’ and then strangling the life out of a clackstone horn before Jon Locke could mash the numbers in! No, I’m not talking about the season final of LOST in which we discover that the whole series has been happening inside one of Charlie’s acid trips.. I’m taking about the java clock that I posted about back on Wed Nov 12 04:43:49 2003… Yep, that was the first X-Men3 post I made here on EOL and today was opening day for the movie here is Oz. Of course, you know exactly how I spent my day don’t you! That’s right! I was working on a web site design for an old folks home!!

The plan is (at this point) for iBrett and I to hit the cinema on Sunday, with our respective other halves in tow… In the mean time however, here’s some neat’o mutant gear to keep you from thinking that there’s anything else going on in the world!

To celebrate the release of one of the year’s biggest blockbusters, X-Men: The Last Stand, Twentieth-Century Fox International is holding the world’s biggest cinema digital junket. This groundbreaking event will bring to the web all of the buzz and excitement surrounding the film’s launch, live as it happens at the Cannes Film Festival from 19th-22nd May 2006 – that’s four days of continuous, online coverage.

Fox has set up an official website for this unique multimedia event at There, links to blogs by on-site journalists from around the world will provide unprecedented, up-to-the-minute, round-the-clock coverage, access and special features that will bring all the excitement of the launch of X-Men: The Last Stand to fans online everywhere. The site is accessible from the following browers : Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, as well as PSP.

Sure, the coverage is over, but the site has a whole bucket of neat stuff for teh fans!

Hit the ‘read more’ to.. well, read more.. duh

Because it’s late and because I like the way my new block quote formatting looks, I’m just going to jam another quote in there.. still X-Men (of course) but this is really pretty cool on a whole other dorky level!

As part of 20th Century Fox’s global online campaign for the latest blockbuster, ‘X Men: The Last Stand’, Digital agency, Soap Creative, has just designed and launched the X Planet mini-site. This 1st of its kind site, developed in Australia, includes several major innovations that make it possible for people to immerse themselves in a global community of others interested in the film and it’s characters, and while doing so connect with a network of real-world bloggers sharing the same interest.

One key element is the integration of Google Maps within X Planet’s interface, enabling users to move around the world and into any location within it – right down to street level. Users are able to develop mutant profiles and ‘pin’ themselves to any location, which can be found by other site visitors. They’re also able to include a link to their personal website or blog within their profile, and add other users to a planet-wide ‘buddy list’.

Well, That’s me spent people… Now to fill in time until Sunday by reading up on the new Superman film.. Ah, has there ever been a better time to be a geek?

~ elroy

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