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One Damn Cool thing for Mankind…

This event probably wont receive the heralded place in history that it deserves… but be damned if it isn’t going to be remembered in this house… erm, shack.

To recap, the SpaceShipOne flew a safe, 24-minute free-flight today above Mojave, California. With its engine blasting the tiny craft skyward, SpaceShipOne rocketed to an unofficial altitude of 62 miles where the edge of space begins. Pilot Mike Melvill then brought the vehicle to a smooth touchdown on the same runway where the historic mission began.

Worth the read folks… well, worth the read.

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    Haven’t heard anything about this before stumbling across it on your site Elroy.

    This is completely awesome and as significant in many ways as man’s first landing on the moon. Pity it wasn’t picked up by mainstream media more enthusiastically