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Veronica Mars: Too Hot To Stop

It could be that we’re on the cusp of another television tragedy folks. Albeit no-where near the complete dick-up that FOX made of Firefly… No, this is more likely to be in the league of Due South, which disappeared from television screens after surviving one or two axing attempts a few years back.

The third season of Veronica Mars luckily survived the same network osmosis that refused to give life to the Aquaman series. However the resulting network (The CW) and new home of Veronica Mars has only ordered 13 episodes (which only amounts to half a season). So, while the show will be returning it’s days could be seriously numbered.

Speaking at the TV Critics Association press tour in Pasadena this week, the series creator Rob Thomas (no, not the dude from Matchbox Twenty) said that season three would change its format slightly. The first two seasons featured story arcs that took the entire season to unfold. Thomas made it clear that this upcoming season would feature shorter story arcs, crossing between six and nine episodes. Should season three see it’s run extended to a full 22 or 24 episodes then viewers should be presented with three complete arcs for the season.

I heard the buzz on 24 and it was eight, nine episodes in and felt like I was too late to catch up, so I eventually caught up on DVD. And I think that’s been a problem [with Veronica Mars] in the past–if we’re in the middle of a season, the viewer can’t catch up. That’s something we’re looking to correct in season three. [more]

Hopefully the new format will help new viewers catch on to this well written, sharp series and, while I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, hopefully The CW’s decision to pair the two shows will result in some Gilmore Girls fans discovering Veronica too.

So, people, if only for my sake (and no-one likes to see a grown man cry) take the time to check out the new season of Veronica Mars when it begins airing again in October.

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