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Silver Surfer: No Diesel For You!

As if the news that The Silver Surfer is going to feature in the upcoming Fantastic Four sequel isn’t enough to have you as giddy as a six year old whose hopped up on red cordial and chocolate crackles. Now comes ‘casting’ news from the film’s director, Tim Story (Taxi, Fantastic Four), that the character will be computer generated and will not, in any way, be played by Vin Diesel.

The rumor that Diesel would be playing the part of the Surfer started sometime last week, most likely after some boob noticed that both Diesel and the Surfer have shinny, domed heads. The rumor was fueled further when Vin Diesel left his current film project “Black Water Transit” without explanation.

When asked about the xXx star’s possible involvement in the film, Tim Story responded:

No truth to it. The Surfer will be a new CGI design being developed especially for the movie. It’s going to be incredible.

This, for those like me, who are desperate for this movie not to suck loads of ass, comes as great news indeed. [source]

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