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EOL: Maintenance Report 20060820

Postings here at elroyonline have been a little thin lately, mostly for two reasons. The first is that I commissioned to do a large amount of design and video work for an upcoming event, of which I’ll post more about when I’m able. The other reason is because of the problems that I’ve been having with my eyes and the current attempts to avoid having to go through with the cornea replacement, which is scheduled for the end of October.

Well, things are looking (pardon the pun) pretty good at this point. A replacement contact lens has been ordered for my left eye and, depending on how things go at the fitting, the specialist will contact the surgeon to let him know that the need for the transplant has been quashed… for a couple of years at least.

The reality is that the best case scenario for me now is that I get by with the contacts for a year or two, but this is by no means a permanent fix. My vision will continue to deteriorate and eventually the hard kind contacts that I now have will cease to be of any help and an operation will be my only course of action. However, medical science comes up with some pretty neat stuff all the time so who knows what kind of operation or cybernetic enhancement I’ll end up having grafted to my head… Hopefully it’ll look like the thing that guy from Star Trek wore or will allow me to see in the dark. Mind you, at this point I’d settle for seeing in the light.

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