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Opening the Classic Idiot Vault

A long long time ago [1994 in fact] in a rental van far far away a group of intrepid idiots were deep in the bowels of a bucks night that was to become a lost weekend. Fortunately the statute of limitations has since run out and the police were forced to hand back all of the incriminating evidence that was seized in, what can only be described as an unconstitutional strip club raid/sleep over.

Amongst the recovered evidence was the results of a crazed experiment – one where a control group of idiots were given a 12 seater van, a video camera, a road map to Adeliade and three times their collective weight in alcohol…

Scientists 0, idiots 1

Check out this attempt at humor from The Classic Idiot Vault
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    we demand more!

  • Geena took it from her daughter, firstly out of motherly concern, then after some quiet thought decided to test it out to see why her daughter had taken up such activities, for purely scientific reasons of course. After completing her case study Geena is horrified to discover she has become addicted to the console, and is now a closet Nintendo Gamecube console masturbator, hence the cry for help, which was really for herself and not her daughter……lmao

  • oops wrong possie :)