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In with a farking shot? Updated

Like any respectable web dwelling idiot my net surfing frequently takes me past – as both regular and constipated readers of EOL would already know.

Well the other day some farker posted a link to a site called – more specifically to this page which details a competition being run by the fine people at Ringo exclusively for the creative, motivated and intelligent members over at fark (aka: farkers)… in brief the competition is to design/create/produce either a Video Ad (television style advertisement), an Animated Movie (or Song ad) or something else (like a comic strip etc).

Inspired, I grabbed the e-phoneâ„¢ and tried to ring my video creation partner.. (the guy with the camera), iBrett – but when that failed I tried ringing again on a real phone and this time he answered! SCORE!
Using our collective, creative brain we busted out some ideas for a couple of short video ads and, last Friday iBrett pushed the brett-mobile here and we shot, edited and submitted the three ideas that we’d agreed on earlier in the week.

Much to my amazement I received an email from the peeps at Ringo the next morning, informing me that they’d decided to include (barring an unforeseen rush of last minute entries) one of our submissions in the ‘top 5’ – these will be the finalists on which farkers will get to vote on to decide who wins the $1000 prize money.

Anyway, I wont post the movies here just yet as I’m not really sure about what the competition rules are regarding such things (prior to the final vote) – but I just thought that I’d… well, brag about the reception that (at least one third of) our entry received at Ringo.

I’ll update you as to how badly we get our asses caned next week.

Update: Link to teh crap is here!

With the competition now in it’s final stages I’m pretty sure it’s ok for me to post the link to the video’s.. so here it is

Oh, and if you’ve read the comments made so far you’ll be aware that ibrett has his new site all up and running.. please visit so he stops spamming it here!

Knock yourselves out kids!

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    Impressive. //waits for link to video

  • Thanks man…
    One of the rejected videos features the return of one of the ‘stars’ of one of the fragster videos (called “To Satisfy”) – which can be found on the [URL=/pnews.php?page=movie_index]movies[/URL] page… she was inflated again just for this cameo!


  • Furious
    *cough cough*

  • Furious
    *cough cough*

  • The filing cabinet
    What I found really disturbing was that she was in Elroy’s filing cabinet under ‘S’ for ‘Sex dolls’. I really shouldn’t sledge the E-man, after all he just did a brilliant job on my website [URL=][/URL]. Yeah, okay, I’m just here for the shameless self-promotion. Um…go about your business.

  • Chases Brett away with broom
    … and don’t come ’round here peddling your wears again!!