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Batman: No Katie for You!

Clearly Katie Holmes knows more about the film and television industry than I do… I mean, I haven’t appeared in a handful of movies or on a reasonably successful (but virtually un-watchable) television series, nor have I married Tom Cruise. So maybe, just maybe, I’m not quite in the right position to point out that Katie has pulled off a move so ridiculously retarded that it leads me to believe that she’s getting career advice from David Caruso and Shelly long.

In the same breath as announcing that she’s signed on to star in a remake of a British film (called Hot Money) along side Queen Latifah, she’s walked away from the role of Rachel Dawes in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins sequel. Now, to be fair, Katie’s people are saying that they never even made it to the negotiating stage in respect to the role in THE DARK KNIGHT, due to some scheduling issues… But doing a movie with Queen Latifah!? Come on! That’s career suicide, or at least the equivalent to giving your career nasty carpet burn… Just ask Jimmy Fallon.

Rumours are already starting to circulate about who will replace Katie in the next Batman instalment. And yes, Rachel McAdams’ name has already come up, but I’m not falling for that one again! What is a little scary though is that Latino Review is reporting that the Rachel Dawes character will remain in the movie, but will clearly be played by someone other than Katie Holmes.. I have to say, I’m not fond of that idea at all. There’s no reason why the Dawes character need be reprised, while there was room for her return, the ending of Batman Begins made it more than acceptable that she not be around in the next film… Heck, there’s even an opportunity to introduce another ‘love interest’ in The Dark Knight now, only to have Dawes return in later film, just to cause Bruce some extra heartache… Providing that Katie hasn’t burnt any bridges that is! [source]

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    It would be in their interest to drop the character entirely. From what I remember, she didn’t feature in Batman: Year One, anyway. Several decades have elapsed since the Adam West days. We don’t need a love interest to convince us that Batman is not gay.

  • kill two birds with one stone.
    Agreed. There is no real reason to reprise her role. However, it would be a nice spin to make Katie the first victim of Heath’s humourous character…

  • Yuos is both right!
    I agree with both notions – The fact that Batman doesn’t ‘require’ a love interest AND the idea of killing off the Dawes character. I mean, there’s nothing better than giving our hero a really good reason to hate the bad guy… you know, more than just because they are bad and stuff.

    It would marry in quite well actually, as I’ve discussed before here on EOL, the Joker really is suppose to be a twisted bastard. While I doubt that we’re going to see a ‘Robin’ in this new visualisation of Batman any time soon, having the Joker kill Dawes would be a nice touch (in place of him killing Robin, like in the graphic novel… with a crowbar no less!).

    Ok, so all we need is for Katie to pry herself away from the set of Hot Money (or whatever the hell it’s called) for a day or two so that they can film her being clubbed to death by Heath… shouldn’t be a hard sell!

  • her best side
    Heck, Mrs. Cruise doesn’t even need to be there. I’m sure a body double could do a decent rear profile.
    If they can do it for Brandon Lee in ‘The Crow’ they can do it for ‘Tom’s Katie’…
    All she has to do is sign on the dotted line and think of the benefits she will be doing for the plotline.

  • *HER* best side…
    Nope, sorry… I just can’t abide by that – if they’re going to club someone, then I’m afraid it just has to be the real thing – no stand in will do.

    Oh, and while he’s doing her in I full expect to hear the Joker yell something along the lines of “THIS IS FOR BEING THE WEAKEST THING IN BATMAN BEGINS!”.

    I have to say though, I did enjoy the scene where she slapped (literally) some sense in to young Bruce… She had this strength about her in that scene that suggested that there may be hope for her yet (Ok maybe she did borrow a little from her pre-death performance in The Gift).

    Dare I even speculate that perhaps she was ‘underused’ in Batman Begins, more so than it being that she under performed?


  • Elroy and Katie, sitting in a tree…


  • /cues Jon Lovitz

    You’re just Jealous!