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goat fucker update

In a distressed state last night, after discovering that the knob jockey from the previous post had stolen my site design, I broke down and called my sworn enemy (and the enemy of Furious and the romulans) teh FONZ. What follows is a transcript of the conversation that ensued: (read more)

[teh Fonz] – eeeaaaahhhhy

[elroy] – Hello fonz, this is elroy..

[teh Fonz] – elroy-a-mooundo, to what (pause) do I owe the pleasure of this call?

[elroy] – fonz, I need your help

[teh Fonz] – Oh, really (in background: Hey, cha chi, stop flipping those coins off your elbow – can’t you see I’m on the phone to my friend elroy here!) How can i be of (pause) assistance to you my hairy friend?

[elroy] – erm – well fonz, someone has stolen the design from my site…

[teh Fonz] – No way! the yellow one?

[elroy] – yeah

[teh Fonz] – really – I preferred the old one, you know with the grey.

[elroy] – Yeah – I get that a lot fonz

[teh Fonz] – I understand, it was a better design.

[elroy] – well, that’s a matter of opinion there fonz

[teh Fonz] – yes – my opinion!

[elroy] – ok, ok fonz! back to this donkey fucker who’s stolen my site design…

[teh Fonz] – he fucks donkeys?

[elroy] – and goats!

[teh Fonz] – and the little goats???

[elroy] – I believe so!

[teh Fonz] – thats just sick! Elroy-er-eeno how can I help you sort this low life scum sucker out?

[elroy] – Well, fonz – I though that i’d leave it up to you – with your 1337 h$x0r skillz I’m sure you can get the message across that stealing is bad… mmmkay

[teh Fonz] – You don’t want me to jump him on my motor bike?

[elroy] – no, no – not unless you really have to fonz.

[teh Fonz] – ok, ok there elroy-my-boy I am starting up my c64 as we speak – and will get right on this for the good of all webdesigners the world over.

[elroy] – Thanks fonz – i’m glad that you are using your haxoring skills for goodness and not evilness.

[teh Fonz] – elroy, one last thing…

[elroy] – yes fonz

[teh Fonz] – eeeeaaahhhyyy – don’t use this number again }click{

So there you have it – just follow THIS link to the dip shit’s site to see what/if the fonz gets the message across!

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  • Qwa!
    I can’t says i agree with teh Fonz and all you other mob on the grey design being better! This one reminds me of bannana and apples!! Everyone should be reminded of bannana and apples every once in a while. And you know its true!

    Now you see, i’v been down in the buzzmoo labs and pulled some data on this “Essex” place. From what i gather, they just spent 20 million pounds *tires to find £ key* on keeping their town gate open. Also, it seems that the quaint english area developes heaters. Finally, the hot topic for all the Essexians is on Fox Hunting. Should it be banned or not? Yes, No, I Don’t Know.
    Today’s weather in Essex..Today’s high 12°C Today’s low 4°C.

    Bya byaaa byaa thats all folks!

  • Thanks for that
    … Essex update buzzmoo (could become a regular feature here at EOL!)

    Oh – and try to remember to log in!! Nuffty!

  • …………..
    I cant beleive you resorted to using teH FOnZ’s help.

    you haxour.