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Little pictures that you click on!

It’s been a while since I’ve pimped any of my design stuff. So i decided that’s exactly what I’d do now.

I’ve slapped together a small collection of icons that i’ve created. Some of these were created months ago, other are more recent. These are all for Mac (OS X) applications, so if you’re a Mac user you may find some information or a link here that appeals to you.. if you’re not a Mac user.. just look at the pretty pictures!

~ elroy


EyeControl is a useful app for those out there with an EyeTV unit hooked up to their Mac. Developed by Jamie Curmi, EyeControl is a network/internet ‘remote’ control application which allows the user to modify/control their scheduled program record times. Useless to me, as I don’t have an EyeTV unit. I’ve worked with Jamie on a couple of projects now and was happy to work with him again on this icon. This was a fun icon to create. (It’s based heavily on the original icon used by Elgato for their EyeTV software).

Synergy Advanced

Wincent is another developer with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of times. This icon was created for the new version of his iTunes controller application Synergy Advanced. We added a groovy feature to this icon too – when Synergy Advanced is active and iTunes is playing the speaker in the icon (in the OS X dock) throbs along.. Pointless, but pretty neat, even if I do say so myself!

Unused Icon

You can’t win ’em all.. and this icon proves it! This icon was created for a freelance job that I was working on with a Mac developer. The app is intended to help the development of Java application in the Mac’s Cocoa environment. Unfortunately the apps developer decided that the icon wasn’t what they were looking for.. so sadly (for me) this is probably the only place that the icon will ever appear.

Personal Use – Conversation

I can’t say I’m at all in tune with the IRC using online community… the whole thing just leaves me cold. Conversation, however, makes the process of using IRC (that I find painful) as simple as it could possibly be. I created this icon a while ago, when Conversation was still using the generic Apple application icon.. now, however, Conversation has it own slick looking icon… which I had nothing to do with!

Personal Use – LiquidCD

This is another icon that I’ve created for my own use. This time because I was pretty unimpressed with the icon packaged with the app. LiquidCD is an extremely robust CD and DVD burning application which is free (donation-ware) despite the fact that it rivals the likes of Toast/Nero for usability. After reinstalling my operating system the other week, I’m still yet to reach for my Toast install disc – LiquidCD had taken over as my burn app of choice.

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