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DMB and my crap

In a effort to achieve maximum idiot value I’ve created an online shop for elroyonline merchandise – caps, t-shirts and mugs (so far) with the elroyonline ‘button’ [as seen at the top right of the title on this page] on them can be bought by both the stupid and by those with more money than common cents! I really only set this thing up because I wanted an elroyonline mug – but figured ‘what the hell’ and went all of the way. I have NOT added any profit to these items in an attempt to keep them as cheap as possible – go nuts, if you haven’t already!

Visit the online store-o-crap!

Totally unrelated yet far more interesting:: Dave Matthews Band’s new studio album ‘Busted stuff’ is now available for pre-order: HERE

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    i will get the album eventually.

    but i really want to see them live godamnit

  • Already Pre-Ordered
    Funny thing is that while I set the ‘store-o-crap’ up on the same day that I heard about the DMB album being available for pre-order, I’ve ordered the DMB CD and nothing from my own store…

    I mean – I’m not a complete idiot! [Shut up Simon!]