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Logan’s Run: Blink Blink Blink

With all the focus being fixed firmly on Brian Singer’s latest resume entry it kind of slipped through the cracks that Singer suggested one of his other pet projects may have ended up shelved or, even worse, handed off to another director. Singer has been enthusiastic about Logan’s Run for seemingly as long as the remake has been seriously talked about, almost as enthusiastic as he has been about Superman Returns, which he dropped XMen3 to take on. Nonetheless a couple of weeks ago it was gleamed from an interview that he gave to darkhorizons that he would not be directing the film, instead he would be taking ‘a vacation of the mind’ – much like the one I’ve been on since 1986.

It would appear though, that the project isn’t completely shelved and that Singer’s name hasn’t been completely disassociated with the film. Instead he has clarified his position in an interview with IF Magazine:

It’s not dead, it’s too magnificent. The world we developed and the things we pre-vised is too extraordinary… …I couldn’t jump right into a movie of that scope and LOGAN’S RUN was becoming a movie of tremendous scope and as I explained in the earlier part of the movie, how challenging and exhausting these things can be. Right now I have to take a sort of enforced vacation.

The original Logan’s Run (directed by Michael Anderson) is based on the novels Logan’s Run and Logan’s World by George Johnson and William Nolan. It tells the story of a utopian society which exists in a future left devastated an apocalyptic event. Surviving in a sealed, domed city the population has its every whim provided, leading a pleasurable and promiscuous life until reaching the age of 30 (21 in the novels). at that time they undergo a ceremony which they believe will result in re-incarnation. However the ceremony is little more than a population control device and participants are simply disintegrated.

Enforcing involvement in the ceremony are a police force known as Sandmen, who collect or terminate citizens who have reached the ‘last day’ (identified by a blinking ‘life clock’ crystal embedded in every citizen’s hand). Logan 5, a Sandman (played by Michael York), has his crystal activated so that he can infiltrate an underground sub-culture of ‘runners’, people who don’t believe in the re-incarnation ceremony and intend to escape the city.

While it’s disappointing to hear that, whoever directs the film, we are going to have to wait at very least a couple of years longer to see the Logan’s Run remake the good news is that the Michael Anderson version is sitting right there ready to be watched. Sure the original, released in 1976 (and the follow up TV series 1977-78), is showing it’s age a little, but it’s a classic bit of sci-fi cinema that deserves familiarizing yourself with… if only so that you don’t come off like a complete block head when the remake is eventually released (Yes, I’m looking at you, dipshit who didn’t know that War of the Worlds was a novel, radio play, movie or concept album long before Cruise and Spielberg came along… You know who you are!).

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    I hope they reference the original movie by filming in a shopping mall and pretending it’s the FUTURE!

    Cos that’s now, it is. The Future. Now. Is.

  • Track-suits!
    The future is all about the track-suit dude.

    Just ask Michael Bay, he’d know – especially after stealing 90% of Logan’s Run to use in The Island.

  • Logan
    Classic. But if they cast Jessica Simpson (in the Farrah Fawcett role) I’m bailing. Logan, oh wait, you’re right, THE ISLAND kinda killed this project, : (

  • Not dead yet.
    I don’t know if the project is dead, so much as it’s just not happening as soon as I’d like.

    As for Simpson playing Holly 13… well, I don’t know if i’d have too much of an issue with that, providing that they cast someone far more capable than her for the Jessica 16 part. Because, Farrah/Holly really was just there for the eye candy factor… and that’s something that Simpson really can do!