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Being that I pretty much live and work here on the intertronâ„¢ it’s often the place that I catch up with mates. However iBrett has been a little thin on the ground.. but that is to be forgiven: His parents kicked him out of their basement a while back – or rather – gave him warning that they were going to kick him out of their basement a while back. So, he’s been in the throws of setting up glass display cabinets full of action figures and constructing a full size replica of the cock pit of the Millennium Falcon at his new house.

The thing is, while I probably should pretend to actually miss him during this off time, I can’t say that I really do.. what I miss are the updates on ‘INVASION’.

What’s INVASION? Well, each year Brett gets his media students to produce a gawd awful horror film as one of the years major projects. However this year animal welfare got involved and said that he wasn’t allowed to inflict one of his mind blisteringly bad scripts on anymore students. So, this time around I was given the script and told to “get all Joss Wheadon on it’s ass”.. so I did, and the end result ended up being something that Joss Wheadon would whack with a shovel if it came out from under his fridge… Which means that it was a billion times better than it was when I got it.. But so would it have been if I’d set it on fire!

The end result being that iBrett’s students are, this year, producing a the first script co-written by iBrett and myself and I’m keen to see the final product. It should, hopefully, be watchable or, at least, be something close to that.

So.. anyway – where was i going with all this crap.. Oh, that’s right!

Tonight I’m talking crap with furious when out of the blue he sends me a link… You know those stories that you hear about the guy who takes a sick day from work so that he can go watch some sporting event, only to get busted by his boss when his face appears in the crowd on the evening news sports wrap up.. well, we suspect that we’ve just figured out what iBrett has really been up to!

~ elroy

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