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And he’s single girls!

Wow! As if three posts in one day wasn’t some kind of really big deal – now there’s another adition to the idiot gallery! This time around it’s a really special addition, worthy of a new section to the gallery – the Junior Idiot Gallery!

The latest submission comes from Issac Telfer. Isaac celebrated his third birthday today and sent me a couple of photos of himself in party mode (which have been added to the idiot gallery)!:

Issac writes: “Hi Uncle Elroy, I turned three today. But that is not old enough to get my license – which is a pity because these sisters of mine are driving me nuts! I asked my mummy for an EOL coffee mug for my birthday but she said that I am too young to drink coffee and gave me the dumbass Buzz Lightyear Costume that you can see me wearing in those photos. When I grow up I want to be a trolley collecter at the supermarket or do your job… Mummy says you are a ‘useless bastard’ – did you have to study long?”

Thank God I live 300 kilometers from my family!
Be sure to check out the latest addition to the Idiot Gallery – at least he’s cute now!

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    That Tycho, from the International Idiot Gallery. That’s not Tycho, from is it?


  • There’s an other Tycho!
    I don’t think so Grim – Don’t think this Tycho is much of a gamer!