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Screw this, I’m going to Mars

If, like me, you think that the billions of dollars that Nasa gets to play with each year is cash well spent and you browse galleries of images sent back to waiting boffins by deep space probes with the glee of stalker in a laundry at an all women’s gym, then you’ll probably get off on this idea too…

“NASA invites you to send your name to Mars on the next Mars Exploration Rover-2003 mission!”

Coolness – an opportunity to participate in an insignificant way to a project that has potentially far reaching implications for science geeks the world over!

Count me in!

“how can I join the cavalcade of dorks adding their names to this screwball venture Elroy?” I hear you ask!

“Why, HERE” I reply, “You pushy bastard”

Go ahead, sign up – but I got dibs on the window seat!

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