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Series: Another Re-Imagining

Maybe I’ve got a huge nostalgic streak in me but I just can’t help getting a kick out of going back and revisiting the stuff that I got a kick out of when I was a kid. Be it a simple A-Team reference or a whole series like Battlestar Galactica (BSG), which, I swore black and blue that i would not support in any way. Part of that nostalgic streak is a desire to see those things preserved and, when I heard (a few years back) that there was a ‘re-imagining’ of BSG happening I was nothing short of irate. How could you possibly re-imagine BSG? WHY would you?

Well, when the opportunity to sit down and watch the re-imagined mini-series presented itself, I took it. I mean, if I’m going to outwardly despise something, the very least I can do is educate myself on the reasons why I despise it… after all, there was no way that I was actually going to enjoy this.

In short, I had to eat my words…

Probably an hour in to the mini-series something dawned on me. There was horrible gnawing in my stomach. The re-imagined Battlestar Galactica was brilliant – it was removed and re-imagined far enough from the original that it is able to exist in it’s own right. The character changes made complete sense and the series was just so gritty and hardcore that I couldn’t help but get caught up in it. In short, I had to eat my words. Not only did BSG work, but it went beyond that and is probably one of the 5 best sci-fi/fantasy shows on TV today, easily taking on the likes of LOST (IMO).

So, why am I talking about Battlestar Galactica? Because I just read something that made me react in exactly the same way that I reacted back when I first heard the news of the BSG re-imagining in the works. And I realise that instead of spewing forth venom about how bad the new re-imagining will be, I should maybe let myself think positively about the idea of a new version of “The Bionic Woman”.

One thing that the new Bionic Woman may have working in her favour, besides the robo-bits, is that the team behind the show will include one of the producers of the current version of BSG, David Eick. Unlike the original series the re-imagining will involve the use of ‘nanotechnology’ – much like the ill-fated series JAKE 2.0 which many compared to the series ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ which, coincidentally, the original ‘Bionic Woman’ series was a spin-off of. [source]

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