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More Hugh than you can poke a claw at!

Hold on to your super hero Y-fronts folks cause there’s news a foot that’ll have you skipping like a little girl at the fair after too much fairyfloss!

Super Hero Hype has posted a quote from an article in The Sydney Morning Herald with Lauren Shuler Donner.
Commenting on future plans for the X-Men moves Lauren makes mention of the (previously announced) X-Men 3 movie… but adds a bit of a zinger to the mix with the following quote:

“The ideal thing will be to do Wolverine after X-Men 3 and that’s what we plan to do,” Shuler Donner said. “We’ll probably develop Wolverine at the same time, but we’ll do X-3 then we’ll do Wolverine.”

Now – didn’t that news just make your side burns stand on end!! Alrightly then.. I’ll let you get on with that little girl like skipping…

Until X-MEN 3 [in 2006]

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    In a perfect world…
    An entire trilogy would be released at the same time in Elroyville.

  • Damn Straight!
    And you know what… in Elroyville entry to the cinema would be half price!

  • Mmmmm…
    Half-price chocolate at the Candy Bar…

  • Simon
    I’m not so sure.

    Given that the trilogy so far has been (primarily) about Wolverine’s character, I’m not sure that a fourth movie is anything but a marketting ploy.

    I just hope that they don’t run out of decent movie-worthy ideas, and it ends up sucking.

    also – Brian Singer had better direct it, otherwise it WILL suck.

  • marketing ploy?
    Aren’t ALL movies marketing ploys? And besides the X-Men have been around for 20 odd years so there’s plenty of background to draw on with all of the characters… not the least of which is Wolverine… and aside from him there are heaps of other X-Men regulars that are yet to even make an appearance (Beast for example) – and there’s the whole Gene Gray/Phoenix saga…

    They could make another dozen movies and still have plenty to work with – and here’s hoping they do! (make a dozen, that is)

  • Funny they should mention it… it just so happens that earlier this week i decided to carry on with my Wolverine look and not shave my sideburns at all.

    All i need now is some blades in my hands.

  • Yeah, well of course

    but sometimes people make movies to put foward meaning rather than just make money. I mean look at the X Men – its got everything.
    themes of comradery, of friendsship, of love, of acceptance, and most importantly – tolerance.

    unfortunately some people have lost that ideal, and end up making movies which lack anythign but action sequences, like the new Star Wars movies.
    it’s a pity, too, because the prequals had so much potential, with such a huge fanbase, to change the world..

    oh well

    *hopes his crazy lightsabre movie will change the world. or at least a couple of people*

  • it’ll make baby jesus cry :oh:

  • Unlike your uncontrollable facial hair?