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Silver Surfer: Awe That’s cool!

With all the Christmas hub-bub and the clocking up of kilometres, visiting the family, going on lately I’ve barely had a chance to keep up with the stuff that really matters… Sci-fi movie news. But, to be honest, it hasn’t all been silly season doom and gloom, while I was off in the country visiting the folks I did manage to take some time out and go through some of the gear that I have in storage down there: Namely the largest collection of Silver Surfer comics this side of Zenn-La. The collection also includes various Spider-man, X-Men, Superman (Funeral for a Friend), Batman (including the awesome ‘Jokers Wild’ and ‘A Death in the family’ series) to name just a few.

While I really enjoyed revisiting my collection I was even happier to see the new Fantastic Four trailer which was released during my country exile. I don’t just mean that I was happy to see that it had been released either, I have to say that I’m extremely impressed by what I see in the trailer. While I’ve been excited by the prospect of seeing the Surfer on the big screen, I wont pretend that I’m not extremely apprehensive about how the character will be portrayed. After all, the idea of a silver dude flying around on a surf board sounds pretty stupid, especially if you’re not familiar with WHY he’s a silver dude and WHY he flies about on a surf board!

As you’re probably imagining, now that I’ve managed to get some time alone with my comic collection I’m anticipating the release of Rise of the Silver Surfer even more than ever. Given too that the portrayal of the Surfer in this film (based on what we can see in the preview) is looking pretty sweet you can bet that there’s going to be an even stronger focus here on EOL than ever before! Here’s hoping that they do his origin story justice and SS rises not just in the movie, but in everyone else’s opinion too! – Hit the source link to view the trailer yourself. [source]

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    I don’t understand…
    Can someone please explain to me why the Silver Surfer is such an iconic figure? I mean, other than the obvious references to the ’60’s with the surfer image, what makes this superhero superior to other superheroes? His heritage is that of a herald for a higher being of destruction, and his punishment for dishonour was banishment to earth, but why the interest in this character? For me there is a draw card for the anti-hero and for those who are obviously driven by their ‘gift’ or by previous actions, but what is it about Silver Surfer that makes him for some such an appealing character?

  • I can’t speak for everyone…
    I can only offer my opinion here Macca, for me The Silver Surfer was the first comic series that I ever started to collect. I did so at first NOT because I knew the character (in fact I wasn’t even that big a fan of the super-hero genre at the time), but because of the brilliant artwork by Ron Lim.

    Like I said, I wasn’t a comic collector at the time, so the notion of a character like the surfer (A cosmic being) was completely unique to me. After buying two or three issues (and reading them) I found myself looking forward to the next issue, not only for the art, but also because the story had sucked me in.

    What was also probably rather fortuitous (for me) was that the very first issue I bought was the beginning of a new ‘saga’ in the Surfer’s life: It was the beginning of The Infinity Gauntlet series (Issue 34 (from memory) of Silver Surfer vol 3) – Had I picked up any other random issue, while I’d have still been impressed with the artwork, the story would probably have meant very little to me.

    I’m not a surfer (or even much of a sun lover – I am a geek after all!) so I have no affinity for the character in that respect. I’m not sure how familiar with the Surfer’s origin you are, but the idea that Galactus used as his inspiration for turning Noran Radd into the Silver Surfer came from a fantasy that Galactus drew from Noran’s childhood. Despite the kind of weird (or even silly) result the character carries himself with an odd kind of nobility that, in my opinion, isn’t found in the pages of any other comic character (See the Lifeforms annual for a great example – sorry can’t remember the issue details). For me The Surfer became a hero on a greater scale than most (better known) heroes, dealing with issues far beyond the scope of most other characters. Of course there are many other heroes out there dealing with issues that could affect the universe or even reality itself, but I was unaware of them… and, come on! The Surfer is just friggin cool!

    It’s funny to me that The Silver Surfer is getting a lot of attention lately – but I’m glad that he is. It’s cool that eventually I’ll be able to mention him in passing and people will actually know who I’m talking about… Well, they’d BETTER!

  • the first time…
    Ah yes… I remember my first love too. Nothing ever surpasses your first love! Even when the experience is faded and gone, you still remember with fondness the experience of discovery…
    Mine was Judge Dredd. I can’t remember the episode but it was in the early ’80’s when I was a young teenager. I do remember the artwork and I was captivated by the idea of the Megalopolis or Mega-city-one.
    He was a real ‘Dirty Harry’ with a gun who wasn’t indisposed to a bit of brute force.
    Such a shame they made an absolute hack of it at the cinemas, with Sly Stallone making sure it was in the rear of the shop at the video stores in record time.
    Yes, everyone remembers their first love with a quickened heart rate and embracing warm fondness…