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Sci-Geek links for the weekend!

Comet, ready or not
Designed and built with help from British scientists, Rosetta aims to shed light on the origins of the solar system – and even the beginnings of life on Earth.

NASA Says It’ll Prepare a Rescue Shuttle
NASA has chosen the Discovery to be the first orbiter to fly, with the Atlantis to be prepared as the rescue vehicle. he third remaining shuttle, Endeavour, is undergoing scheduled major modifications.

Mars rover uncovers hints of water activity
Meanwhile, on the other side of Mars, the twin rover Spirit has officially reset the record for total distance travelled on Mars. The previous record-holder was the tiny 1997 rover Sojourner which journeyed 102 metres.

Largest Solar System body spotted since Pluto
Tentatively called 2004 DW, the object lies beyond Neptune in the mysterious Kuiper Belt. This shadowy belt is a collection of primordial icy bodies which circle our Sun and are thought to be the remnants of planetary formation.

Now, seriously – I understand totally that I’m one of them freakin nerds you hear about on the movies, but, come on! Somewhere in your brain there’s gotta be a small voice that says “Cool!” when you read this sort of stuff….

Or maybe it IS just me… “sigh”

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