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Young (no so) Elroy here has been a busy boy this week – but not in an “oh that’s exciting share it with the world” kinda way but more a “had my face pressed up against the monitor learning all there is to know about 2 color printing” kind of way…

But I though that I’d take 5 minutes out to do a drive by post just for the hell of wasting pixels:

Pulling punches

The power went out earlier, shunting the Mac and the PC into dead silence. While there was no hardware damage I did loose all of my site bookmarks (go figure) – after attempting to retrieve them I found myself suckered into a random surf (had to test that they still worked!) – When I discovered some sad news!

Brass Knuckles’s John Hawkins posted a few days back that The Brass Knuckles Webzine would be updated no longer! Get over there and read some of the gear that’s been posted there over the last few years before they pull the site!

With the bad comes the good though – one of my ‘auto-update’ sites that has had a dirty red ‘X’ through it for a while now was a surprisingly green shade of red after I recovered the bookmarks – so i checked it out!

After some serious dead server time it appears that AstroG may be bringing some life back into her personal site: cyberchiq
While there’s not much there now, the fact that the site ‘coming soon’ is back up suggests that she was, in fact, not taken by the same Camel rodgering fiends who have buzzmoo in hiding!

Over the weekend we shot the 2nd and 3rd Fragster Eight promo videos – this time not only did Barberella’s brother, Dave, appear – but these two *star* Barberella’s mum and the 3rd (yet to be released) features a cameo appearance by Bareberella herself and her sister – This leaves only Barberella’s father, George, as the only member of her immediate family not to have made an appearance in one of the videos.. but then – nobody wants that!

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