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Spores, Molds and Idiots

Time to do the rounds and check out what the idiots have been up to this past week starting with TFM’s comic mastah, Simon ‘Furious’ Cole… Simon regaled me with an amusing (from my perspective) story this week, but has not ‘published’ said story on his site… so I’ll tell it here, now:

Enjoying the odd brew at the end of a hard day, coupled with the fact that Simon lives alone and the fact that he, like most single guys, can be a lazy bastard, has seen a collection of (mostly) empty beer bottles collect around the computer desk – the place where, while relaxing with the aforementioned brew, Simon does his creative work.

Well, a lesson in recycling was to be issued to Simon this past week, by the god of cleanliness or the god of paying attention or the god of funny stuff that happens to other people or the god of spores, molds and fungus’ – who ever or whatever it was, understand that Simon has learnt his lesson and has cleaned up his work space.

While relaxing with a fresh brew the other night, Simon, engrossed in the development of his latest comic, reached over to grab his beer and, in a effort to quench the thirst that had been bought on by all those creative processes going on in his head, he chugged… well, unfortunately for Simon, his monitor and his keyboard, the beer that he ‘chugged’ on was NOT the fresh one right from the fridge but was, in fact, one that had been sitting on his desk for quite some time!!!

Penicillin anyone!

Informal formal: Rigs and Mertal… erm, I mean Buzzmoo and Mert have been strutting their stuff… well, as much as one can strut in a Icecream truck! Head over to and Mert’s rant to find out if these to idiots got lucky…. pffft

Three words: Morgues – Has – Porn!

Old Age: It appears to be officially ‘all over’ for The Romulans, as this week, live from his walking frame, he paces out just how far removed from the ‘younger generation’ he is by attacking the credibility of Avril Lavigne… And all while remaining totally LEET!

Not an Idiot: But deserves an mention. Surviving a rather uncomfortable bus trip to Canberra last week was made a little easier by the fact that I was sharing that discomfort with a guy named Matt. A top guy and a designer to boot! Take some time to check out Matt’s exceptional flash work on his site TINCUP.TV.

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    “who ever or whatever it was, understand that Simon has learnt his lesson and has cleaned up his work space.”

    geez, Elroy, talk about taking creative lisense :p

  • Ha!
    Hey Fungus Gulper – There has to be plenty of creative license in a story about you… you know, to make it interesting!