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Christmas makes everyone nuts.

So I’m out doing the usual personal administration kind of running about today, but of course it all takes 10 times longer because every man and his dog is out doing their damn Christmas shopping.
I’ve fought my way into the city, then fought my way back out again in the worst possible conditions… heavy traffic and heavy rain.. and as we all know heavy traffic makes people stupid and rain, well, rain just makes them wet. Point being it took me a good hour and a half longer than I anticipated to get home and as it was approaching three o’clock I thought I’d kill some hunger pains by swinging through KFC and grabbing a breast fillet burger and a coke.

So, I place my order, the sweet looking young girl rings it up and then asks “Is that to eat in or take away?”. It was then, as i sat there in my car looking up at her through the drivers side window, that it occurred to me – Christmas makes everyone nuts.

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    It’s funny because it’s true.

  • [URL=]You know what you’re getting for Christmas.[/URL]

  • Memories…
    You might remember these from the flight to Adelaide…


  • HEY!!!!
    “Those virgin women have hold of my nuts!”

    Ah, I’d be a rich, rich man if I had a dollar for every time I said that!

  • Was she hot?

  • hot or not??
    Well.. she’s not “random ICQ chat chick” kind a hot.. but then, they never are!

  • Cept when they are…then they turn out not to be hot at all

    or 14 years old.

    Either way.

    That’s what christmas is all about.

  • They also might turn out to be 40 year old tawainese men

  • You’re just bitter..
    Because your relationship with Ling Kep-Tian ended badly.

  • It’s funny because it’s true.

    No, wait.

    That doesnt make it funny…