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I wonder if this guy can sing?

Well, Australian idol is all done with now and the Australian public only just retained some semblance of honor by picking 16 year old Casey Donovan as the eventual winner. Not that I agree that she was the most talented contestant, but of the final two she had my favor.. mostly because she wasn’t the other guy…

Anyway, just when I was thinking that having been forced to watch the show by the good lady barberella wasn’t going to have any pay off at all.. along comes Bigpond to reward my dilligence with an act that I described to iBrett earlier as “the best cock up ever”..

So, What happened?.. lemme put it this way:

The winner of Australian idol’s web page:

NOT the winner of Australian idol’s web page:

One guess what Bigpond is apologizing for on the front page of the CORRECT site!

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