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Thor: Goyer Goodness

For me, the idea of a ‘superhero’ who is actually a god (of sorts), has just never sat right. Even the greatest of heroes aren’t gods, yet, for some reason Thor always seemed okay with slumming around with the likes of Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and even friggin Sub-Mariner. Sure, Thor’s mission to earth was initially at Odin’s behest, but I don’t imagine that the other residents of Asgard are at all that impressed with this continuing hobby.

For mine one element that Marvel has always had over DC is the interconnectedness of it’s characters; The Marvel Universe, if you will, in which exist all of the characters created by Stan Lee and the other great minds at Marvel. Having established this premise from the very beginning allowed all of Marvels characters to freely cross paths, this is why so many important events in Marvel’s history take place in the presence of multiple characters and at the convergence of multiple story lines. While DC originated the idea it has never enjoyed (at least in my mind) the same level of cohesion as the Marvel Universe – this is perhaps because of the fact that many DC characters live in fictitious cities, while Marvel heros tend to live in ‘real’ locations… At least the ones who live on Earth do.

Despite this coherence, even amongst some of Marvel’s oddest characters, Thor has always seemed… I don’t know.. Misplaced? Yet it’s possibly a testament to how cool a ‘superhero’ Thor is that he’s managed to continue appearing on the pages of Marvel’s publications since the 1960’s and, it seems, will soon be appearing on the big screen too!

David Goyer, (who deserves a parade for his work on the screenplay for Batman Begins and has just turned in a script for The Flash movie – more on this another time), is set to start work on a treatment for Marvel Studios featuring, you guessed it, Thor. Given that this project is at such an early stage anything could happen (originally it was said that Mark Protosevich (The Cell, Poseidon) would be working on the Thor screenplay), however it’s encouraging that Marvel are looking to writers with a history of darker material to pen the script for the god of thunder! [source]

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