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I stand corrected!

Remember my last post? Where I said that the bottom of the barrel had been scrapped lower than ever before! Oh those were the days… back when the thought of Nicole Kidman playing ‘Samantha’ in a remake of ‘Bewitched’ was the worst thing I could think of…. Well those heady, carefree days are gone… now the worst thing that I can think of is Mel Gibson returning to make another Mad Max film.

I shit you not!:

The project, to be called Fury Road, will be written and directed by George Miller, who also directed and co-wrote the first three films, the report said.

No details are yet available about the plot, except that it will once again feature “Mad” Max Rockatansky roaming the lawless, post-apocalyptic Australian outback

Well that all just sounds dandy.. but I have four words for you: Dome, Thunder, Beyond and The… not necessarily in that order!

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    ooh Mad Max :)