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Return to the home of the Jurassic Idiot

Time this little black duck had an early night for a change, I’ve got to be up at about 4:30am as myself and ol’slow hand are flying to Adelaide tomorrow to attend AV Connection 2003 and to film a bunch of interviews and stuff.

I’ve got a lot of the preproduction stuff done – well, actually, ALL of the stuff that can be done is, and I’m really happy with the work I’ve got so far – Lots of 3D gear and snappy editing etc… the whole project should come up a treat!

Anyway – I’ll see if I can get online (probably via Furious’ PC) on Saturday night and report on how things are going and what sort of shenanigans we’ve been up too – mind you the shenanigans will most likely be kept to a minimum, not as a result of maturity on our part or anything, but simply because of time restraints… Mind you I’m sure we can find time to set a bag of dog poop or two on fire, but we’ll just have to see how things pan out!

If you’re interested in reading more about this project check out the post that I made on OzGN earlier tonight!

Updated: Sun, 20th July, 9:17am (S.A time)

Well, here I am in sunny Adelaide…. SUNNY MY ARSE!!!!
We worked our butts off yesterday and fell in a smelly heap around 7:30 last night. The intended early night that I planned on Friday didn’t seem to work out – in fact I didn’t go to bed at all. So it was about a 48 hour stint that lead to the aforementioned heap falling into last night.

We’ve got piles of great footage and had a really good time picking the brains of representatives form a few of the vendors attending the Con and not one bag of poop has been put to the torch… yet!

There was a rather disturbing situation on the plane during the flight over here. Not only did ol’slow hand (aka iBrett) assume my identity just to take the window seat, which left me in the company of a passenger with a rather unsavory looking stain on the leg of his pants… color me disturbed!!!

Anyway we’re about to escape from the cave that is Furious’ flat and head off for our second day of filming… well, we are as soon as these two idiots stop reenacting the liberation of endor with Furious’ action figures!

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    I wouldn’t touch those…
    He shoulda busted out the lego for ya. What a poor host.

  • Bah!

  • I agree!
    The ‘hospitality’ (if I can use that word) was shabby at best – I mean, fancy making your guests blow up their own mattresses! And we even had to pay for own own hookers!!