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You know, on the whole, people are pretty stupid. I need look no further than my inbox for proof.

Now, I’m the first to admit that this here seedy, unkempt, crap hole of a web-site is probably as about as close as you can get to the smelly end of the intertron. And yet, despite this I get a fairly consistent stream of emails from boobs with equally pointless and retarded websites asking me to put a link to their site here on EOL… like, what? That’s suppose to do something special? I’m not entirely sure, but I think that people seem to think that other people, morons probably, visit this site with some kind of regular abandon!

NEWS FLASH!! No-one in their right minds comes here.. well, unless they fall for one of the trick links that I’ve scattered all over the web.. but then they just end up leaving in disappointment and cursing the unfulfilled promise of midget goat porn.

Anyway – I had a point when I stared this – Oh, yeah, I received an email from a dude the other day, which I almost (purposefully) forgot about, and I thought “What the hell! It’s my birthday, I’m feeling generous.. I’ll put a link on EOL for this idiot!”

And so, here it is:


But, people, please do not click on that link, I don’t want people thinking that this crap actually works!

~ elroy

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