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Survived another one…

Well, Australia’s biggest UT only LAN has come and gone – and was once again a success!

Asmodai pumped out an AV bonanza on the big screen (yes we see how big it is Asmo!) for the troops on the day – and kept them entertained all the way… despite the best efforts of Teh Fonz!

Mattster worked his butt off manning the servers – not to mention a huge effort for his team (Lords of the Flag) in the CTF comp.

Guest camera man Brett Lamb made thing very easy for me on the the day by bringing back some great Video footage of the general happenings at the event – as well as pinning a few of the folks down to answer a few questions along the way… Oh! And actually managing to get some coherent reporting out of Asmo… nothing short of a genius! If you want to see what it was we came up with – HIT THIS

Simon -Furious- Cole managed to put in a top effort working on a half finished map of mine and another one that he and Asmo designed… Apparently he hasn’t left the state yet either…. I’m sure this violates his parole!

Thanks to all who helped out on the day (my GF Barb included!) I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at F8.

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    the fragster AV team rocks :D

    shameless pimpage of pornland at the start of the day ;) hwheehhe wicked :D

  • I am Teh Fonz
    I will get you next time joo foos!!!11!!

  • Elroycam
    Exactly how we normally see you. Cheers from small country town! Site looks interesting.