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Geek-a-paloosa: The collectors edition!

What an awesome time to be alive if you’re a geek! And if you’re not a Geek then there has never been a better time to get on the bandwagon!

• I saw Daredevil today – Great stuff (almost).
• The Hulk is on it’s way – ‘really looking forward to seeing if they can pull that one off!
• X-Men 2 – Saw the trailer today, looking awesome!
• LXG (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) – Also saw the trailer for that today and it’s also looking pretty damn hot!
• The Matrix: Reloaded – Yeah, saw the trailer for that too and despite my sequel phobia I have to admit that this is also looking the goods!

A new Superman film is in the casting stage, there is another Spider-man film in the works, The Punisher and Catwoman just to name a few of the future comic/films in the pipes… and on top of all that I found my long (thought) lost copy of a Superman/Silver Surfer (joint DC/Marvel) comic crossover the other day!

The only thing that could make a geek happier would be to sell that extra Lando Calrissian lunch-box on ebay and make enough money to buy the season 4 DVD box set of Dr Who and a bag of jelly babies….

Now.. if you’ll excuse me I’m off to spend some time working out why women aren’t attracted to me….

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    Haha…E si teh gh3y

    You admitted to liking a movie with Ben Aflak.

    Ha ha.

  • Oopz…forgot to login…

    hehe…E likes a movie with aflak…

  • I’m keen for some Punisher action. But more so for some Batman: Year One.

    Did i ever tell anyone about the time i saw a real Darlek? It smacked some girl in the head with it’s ‘plunger’ as it turned around. It was at some science festival.

  • Affleck was da_bomb in.. pretty much all his movies!

    So there!