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Some of you may remember that clown who’s billboard I snapped a photo of the other day… other’s will have blocked it from their memories.. Well, I received these ICQ message from him tonight

iBrett – 10:26:00

1. Since the Unibomber, tragically unfashionable facial hair has been relegated to the fringes of society.
2. Not many online pornographers specialise in crabs.
3. He’s now hosting images from

Now, I’m sure you found that as hilarious as I did – so i attempted to come up with three reasons why you should visit his homepage… But I couldn’t think of any… The basement dweller later sent this:

iBrett – 10:37:00
Hearing what a talented guy I am, the school appointed me to the position of sound engineer for our production of Wizard of Oz. I’m currently recoridng and mixing sounds. Know any munchkins by any chance?

I sent him this link

Unrelated: Another comix has been placed on TFM… it sucks!

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