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And the winner is!

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And the winner is!

Some of you may be lucky enough to have been around early days of something called the Inter – net… and if you were, you may just be lucky enough to remember a little site that I used to cobble to gether with not that much less skill and dedication than with which I cobble this bandwidth wasting site! Yes – I refer to the original ‘elroyonline’.. That’s right elroyonline has been around for since 1998.

Well back in those early days I used to throw around something loosely referred to as an award called a ‘GoldElroy’ – said award was given out at whim to anything that I felt deserved it – an new album – a TV show – a movie or website – even some knob end that had managed to do something stupid enough to get their embarrassing story posted on the net (this was a rare thing way back then!)..


“So why the nerd land history lesson Elroy?” I hear you ask.


Now, where was I – Oh, that’s right – I have recently decided to pull the ‘GoldElroy’ from it’s moth balls, give it a once over with the brasso… erm – goldo.. and start dishing the bastards out again..

So, before you wet your shorty pajamas in anticipation I will now reveal the winner of the GoldElroy for January 2002….


While most of the time Mattster is a bit of a knob jockey he really manages to pull his shit together when it comes time for some fragster-lan action. Most of you probably don’t really understand how much work goes into the preparation of a LAN the size of fragster – why hell fending off the hot chicks that this kind of event attracts is a full time job on it’s own – however Mattster put in the hard yards once again, without complaint and managed to fix us up with one humdinger of a UT LAN.

Rock on Mattster and display this worthless – erm, prestigious award with pride!

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