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15100 – and counting!

Hey – i just noticed that the site hit counter has hit 15100 – for a silly waste for bandwidth like this site that’s not bad! Mind you – I’,m in two minds about thanking you people for your patronage – or accusing you all of being the kind of person who slows down to geek at a automobile accident…

Ok, so let’s do a quick *year so far* wrap up:

  • Got my new cam – just in time for the live coverage of Australia’s Biggest UT only LAN Event: Fragster Seven! – Asmo and I will be manning (well, I’ll be manning – he’ll be little boying!) the AV gear and running the live web side coverage of said event! Should be fun-a-paloosa!

  • Just in time for Australia’s Biggest UT only LAN Event: Fragster Seven! my ethernet hub decided to fry itself – so off I go to spend more of the money that I don’t have on that!

  • I am still yet to be cast as the brooding, guy from the wrong side of the tracks, love interest for the hot female lead of an Arron Spelling soap – But that shouldn’t be too far away!

  • My PC is still little more than a pile of smoldering beige plastic.

  • Oh, and I am still yet to sort out the whacky color issues that I’m having with the site!
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