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Stargate: Sci-Fi Refugees

Want to know how to make a Sci-Fi geek’s day? It’s easy. just take some brain shatteringly attractive girlie and cast her in some wacky science fiction series. You get bonus points if: a) she can act, 2) she’s appeared in some other whacky, now canceled, science fiction series, and iii) she’s Morena Baccarin.

With the start of the new season of STARGATE SG-1 drawing ever closer it has come to light that Morena (previously seen as Inara in Joss Whedon’s FireFLy/Serenity) will be playing a recurring role. What’s even more appealing is that she’d playing an evil character, and for the record, evil chicks are considered dwamn sexy here in the eshack™.

Season 10 of SG-1 will also see the return of other defunct sci-fi series refugees Claudia Black and Ben Browder, with Black becoming a more permanent fixture on the show following her smattering of appearances last season. According to tvsquad, Morena will be playing the (evil!) daughter of Black’s character Vale.

I love the character she is truly evil. The worst kinds of people are the ones with no acceptance and she is one of those. What she believes is the word of God. And I get to wear really cool contacts! [link]

SG-1 has survived the cast changes bought about by the ‘retirement’ of Richard Dean Anderson extremely well and it is a testament to the great creative team behind the show that it has forged ahead despite the loss of such a beloved character.

Stargate SG-1 returns to US television next month and to Australia televisions whenever the hell they fell like showing it… assholes. [source]

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