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Forum/IM Nicknames

What’s the story with people choosing nasty sounding nicknames when they join a forum or some other online community? I mean why do morons use names like “DARK REAPER” and such.. like – huh? Dark reaper? as oppose to that other lite reaper? Why not call your self EVIL SATAN.. you know so people don’t get you and that other cuddly satan confused…


Go on about your business people – nothing to see here.

~ elory

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    What’s worse…
    is those people whose MSN addresses resemble any of the following: sUrFeRgUrL, sPaRkLeChIcKie or sTargUrl.

  • I feel your pain!
    Along with people who throw 1337 into their nicks such as “CudD1y_K|t7y”, and people with random numbers such as “BlueDragon_4892”. My only guess is that BlueDragon 1-4891 has already been taken by hotmail and the unoriginal scumbags can’t think of something different and uncliched to use.