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The Stupidity Continues!

Well, this is just getting beyond a joke!! It appears that the Fark mantra “hollywood out of ideas” is holding more water with every day that passes.

“Hollywood” of course being the surrogate name for the over commercialized (not so) creative minds behind so many of the big budget movie and television ‘concepts’ that are being pumped into our line of site in recent times. So, what has this bag of monkeys got for us today? has reported that in a continuation of the trend for big screen directors to head to television (one would presume to prove that they have the power to make any old crap that they like – EG: Dark Angel… good one Cameron, idiot) Doug Liman (Director of ”Go,” ”Swingers” and ”The Bourne Identity”) is currently developing a regurgitated version of the 80’s TV classic ”CHiPs” with US television network NBC.

Just to make sure that they make a complete abortion of the project they’ve already made the decision (one that brings back the dreaded thought of a MacGyver movie without the talents of Richard Dean Anderson at the helm (Hey! There are very few out there who know when they are cheesy – RDA is one of them!)) that Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox (stars of the original series for CHiPs, CHiPs ’99 and numerous silly forum postings) wont be appearing in the ‘new’ series….

Sadly this news comes to me in the wake of news that Joss Weadon’s brilliant new series FireFly has been axed by those dumbasses at the FOX network.. Yeah – that’s right, the same clowns who axed Futurama.

So, If you’ll excuse me – I’m off to urinate on my television.. Well, right after Springer that is!

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    So Fire Fly has been officially axed has it??

    That sucks


  • The Romulans

  • yeap!
    Both of you are 100% correct!