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Superman: Super Man-Love?

Each to their own: That’s my motto.. Well, actually, my motto is “Where’s the freakin coffee?”, but that doesn’t really apply to the rest of the crap that I’m going to write, so just forget I said anything about it. Ok, where was I? Oh, yeah; Each to their own. Just let me say, right off the bat (so to speak), if you’re gay and you’re content with that lifestyle.. well, then, that’s just fabulous. But, what’s the deal with ‘outing’ fictional characters?

In an ever descending spiral EOL seems to be caught in something of a comic nerd vortex of late – Trust me, it’s not my intention to start posting about every bit of comic-book news that hits the net, but this particular story really pissed me off.

On the eve of the hero’s return to the big screen after nearly 20 years, gay magazines and online message boards are asking: is Superman gay? And they think they know the answer… [link]

You know what? NO! They friggin don’t… Just because it may be ‘good for the cause’ or whatever, you can’t just decide that a fictional character is gay. There are only two people who have the right to make that decision and unfortunately they’re both dead. So, (IMO) unless Jerome Siegel and Joseph Shuster left a couple of pages explaining that Supes was indeed homosexual or perhaps outlining the existence of Pink Kryptonite then you’re barking up the wrong tree there folks.

Honestly, It’s not that I care if he’s gay or not. I could care less about who a fictional character is fictionally super-shagging. What riles me is the need to define (or rather RE-define) it. Just leave existing characters alone. If there’s a need, then create new characters who’s sexuality is defined from the start (or even better, leave it ambiguous).

Actually, now that I think about it, I DO have a motto that kind of fits this story a little better than the one I opened with, and it goes: “Religion, Politics and Sexuality – You’re entitled to your choices and opinions, just don’t come knocking on my door trying to sell them to me.”

I guess my point is. If gay people (or anyone for that matter) want to interpret Superman as gay, good for them… but don’t try to tell me he IS gay.

OK, And just so we’re clear: Superman = NOT gay, Elroy = NOT homophobic, but also very much not the gay. This post = NOT worth email me about.

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    What the?
    I just attempted to follow the link in the quote, back to the original story.. and it seems that iOL have pulled it from their site!? Weird.

    I’ve redirected the quote to a copy of the same article at