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Entourage: Let’s hug it out, bitch

Thanks to Foxtel (Australian Cable) I stumbled across the show Entourage a few months back when they played a marathon of the entire first season. And thanks to the Foxtel IQ (erm… Aussie Tivo?) I was able to bank up all the episodes and watch them at my own leisure. I’d only seen a small part of one episode of the show prior to catching the marathon and, honestly, I can’t even remember what the part that I’d seen was about. But I remember enjoying the banter between characters and thought I’d give the rest a shot. I really didn’t know much about the show, but the beauty of the IQ (and I’m sure it’s the same with Tivo’s) is that, if I’d decided that I wasn’t interested I could just delete the whole lot and walk away. As it turns out, I’d discovered gold.

In some ways Entourage reminds me of Buffy. No, there aren’t any vampires in Entourage, although there are plenty of blood suckers, but that’s not the comparison I’m making. Buffy is a show that is often pigeon-holed as something that it’s not. It was very easy to take brief glimpse at, or come to the party late, and assume that Buffy was just The OC with fangs. It was far from that. It was driven by smart writing, snappy dialogue, great performances and an over all arc of self discovery. Much of this can be said for Entourage and at times, like Buffy, Entourage can be bloody funny.

The series, produced by Mark Walberg (amongst others), follows the lives of Vincent Chase, his brother and two best friends as they all ride the freight train of Vincent’s success in Hollywood. However it’s hardly smooth sailing, as the guys must negotiate the shark infested world of the movie industry, never knowing who they can trust, who they can play and who they should simply avoid. Either their greatest foe, or their best ally (you can never quite tell) is Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), what ever the case, Ari is the show’s scene stealer. He is smart mouthed, sharp witted, slimy, sexist, racist and one of the best characters seen on TV for the longest time.

Anyone who has visited this site before will no doubt know that I’m a scifi fan, however close to the top of the list of my favorite film genres are ‘heist’ flicks; The Sting, The Italian Job, The Score, Ocean’s 11. With all the wheeling, dealing, double and triple crossing going on, Entourage has something of a ‘Heist’ feel to it, this is something that you wont discover unless you take a long look at this show, it takes time, but once you discover the under current you’ll be hooked.

To top it all off, Entourage cements itself into reality with constant cameos. Indeed plot integral parts are often portrayed by celebrities playing themselves: James Cameron and Mandy Moore, both appeared in several episodes of season two, as themselves.

Series three of Entourage began airing in the states last night and picks up at the première of AQUAMAN (the film Vincent and Moore were filming/Cameron directing at the end of season two), I can only hope that Foxtel get their act together and start screening it here ASAP!

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    Entourage is one I’ve skipped so far, but it’s nice to think that something I might enjoy has built up a solid backlog of episodes. Our (terribly expensive) digital cable package has a bank of On Demand programs and movies, which can come in handy. I’d likely be able to watch most of a season at will thanks to that.

    For the moment, though, I’m looking forward to the start of the third (and final full) season of [B]Deadwood[/B]… about 12 minutes from now.

  • Deadwood
    I’ve heard nothing but great stuff about deadwood, unfortunately they started showing here almost immediately after we ‘trimmed’ the movie channel from our subscriber package. Hopefully it’ll be shown again on free to air, or (now that I know it’s only three seasons long) it may be worth just buying the DVDs.