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Top Movie idea!

My sleeping patterns have been screwed up something shocking lately, as I’ve been working hard to meet some design deadlines. The job was one which required a fair bit of 3d rendering – so I found myself with time to kill here and there at the weirdest times of the night (you may have noticed some of the weird times on some of the recent posts – like this one!).

Anyway, the other night I found myself watching cartoons at some ungodly hour of the morning while waiting for a test render to complete. The cartoon ended and a new one began – damned if I didn’t near jump out of my seat! It could have been all the coffee (yes – I’m back on the gear!) or it could have been the fact that I haven’t seen a Top Cat cartoon in years, but I was stoked to get the opportunity to watch one again.

While watching this piece of 1960’s cartoon history hold its own against the likes of ‘Angry Beavers’ I began to ponder about the movie prospects for Top Cat and the Gang… the more I thought the more I liked the idea of an ‘Oceans Eleven’ style ‘heist’ movie with real people playing the roles of these cartoon characters – So I set about casting my imaginary Top Cat movie and here are my choices:

Top Cat [a.k.a: TC]

As the themes song says he’s “The indisputable leader of the gang! He’s the Boss, He’s the Whip, He’s the number one VIP, he’s the most tip top – Top Cat!”

And as we all know – if it’s in the theme – it must be true! Top Cat is cock-sure and relaxed.. so, who could portray him in the movie? – My pick: David Duchovny

It’s a mistake to under rate Duchovny as a comic actor – sure ‘Evolution’ was crap, but if you were/are a fan of ‘The Larry Sanders Show” then you’ll know just what Duchovny is capable of!

Choo Choo [a.k.a: Chooch]

Chooch is always by Top Cat’s side – unless he’s off doing his bidding. Not one for always being an independent thinker Choo Choo occasionally did hatch a plan or two of his own.. so, who could portray him in the movie? – My pick: David Spade

Choo Choo’s ‘side kick’ style charater could be one that the costic witt of Spade could have a lot of fun with – especially bouncing off the Dry Duchovny.

Benny [The Ball]

Short, Cuddly, Loveable, Benny is possibly the cutest member of the gang and maybe even the shortest (With the possible exception of ‘The Brain’). He’s the good natured caring cat who wouldn’t hurt a fly.. so, who could portray him in the movie? – My pick: Nathan Lane

Lane has a classic stage style humor and a sharp witt that has seen him play against the likes of Robin Williams and hold his own.


The king of cool cats, Spook is your classic beatnik/hipster cat – even speaks the hep/jive talk. Gets my vote as gang member most likely to be a pot head.. so, who could portray him in the movie? – My pick: Seann William Scott

Bound to be typecast as ‘Stiffler’ for the rest of his life – unless he makes some dramtic changes to his choice of roles – Scott could play this part with his eyes closed.. well, half closed.

Fancy Fancy

Of all the cats in the gang Fancy Fancy is the one who best depicts the ‘Tom Cat’ – He’s a smooth talker and a hit with the ladies, well, with the lady cats that is… you have no idea how hard it was to resist putting a pussy joke in here.. so, who could portray him in the movie? – My pick: Damon Wayans

I thought hard about this part… and can’t say why for sure that I picked Wayans – but watching a TC cartoon and his name jumped into my head as Fancy Fancy was bustin a move.

The Brain [a.k.a: Brain]

Live up to his name he does not – Brain is a complete dumbass, however he’s short (Maybe shorter than Benny?) and cute and follows the other members of the gang into what ever mischief that they get up to.. so, who could portray him in the movie? – My pick: Seth Green.

Green has proved that he has great comic timing with the role of ‘Scott Evil’ in the Austin Powers movies – He could really do something special with this part and make it as funny as hell!

Officer Dibble

Not the smartest boy in blue that’s for sure, yet Officer Charles Dibble every once in a while has TC and the gang on the run. Most of the time he’s busting Top Cat for not cleaning up the alley where the gang hangs out or for using the ‘police phone’ to make personal calls.. so, who could portray him in the movie? – My pick: John Travolta

Travolta portraying a rattled cop in a heist movie like this would be such a departure from his recent role choices that he may even jump at it – it’s an odd one, he’s a good guy – but he aint the one we’d be cheering for!

With all these guys in the movie there’s gonna have to be one absolute stunner cast in a female role – or maybe even a few of them… I’d start putting names here but the good lady Barberella is likely to slap the piss out of me for being a sexist bastard when she reads this…. Either way it’s certainly a movie that I’d go and see.. but then again – I am suffering from sleep deprivation!

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