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OK – I can’t take it anymore!

OK, here’s the challenge people!!

Can anyone PLEASE help me find out what episode of ‘The Simpsons’ that this character appeared in! I have checked every character bio that I can find and he has not been listed in ANY of them – I’m sure that he is most likely a ‘one off’ character so I’m guessing that it will be a bit of a ‘where’s Wally’ type issue as far as locating him goes – Help appreciated!

Totally Unrelated: Sadly porn mega-star Linda Lovelace died this week in a tragic car accident. In her honor I’m setting off a 1 gun 21 shot salute… I’m up to 7… I’ll finish up after a nap and some chicken soup.

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    Do you need a hand?
    I’m always here to help, and up for a challenge.

  • Mysterious Moron
    I’d suggest it’s one of the producers/writers

  • Im listenign to’Knocking on Heavens Door’ as performed by Roger
    w00t !!! that means i am better tehn yuo :D

    no, this has nothing to do with anything.