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Indiana Jones: It’s a Girl!

There’s been a rumor floating around since the filming of those gawd-aweful Star Wars prequels that Natalie Portman bailed up George Lucas and made sure that he was aware of the fact that she wanted a part in the fourth Indiana Jones movie, should it ever see the light of day. Well, if a new batch of rumors are to be believed she must have presented a convincing argument because she’s apparently been cast to play Indy’s daughter.

While this is really pretty insignificant news in relation to the whole notion of actually getting to see another Indiana Jones movie, I’m prepared to make something of a leap here, based solely on George Lucas’ history of milking the living crap out of the two semi-decent ideas that he’s had in his life. Well, three semi-decent ideas, if you count milking the crap out of the other two as the third one.

The reality is that time is running out for another Indiana Jones movie. Harrison Ford isn’t getting any younger and, while he still has a great on screen presence, his days of playing the action hero a surely numbered. So, if Lucas intends to milk the Indiana Jones cow any more he has to look at another avenue.. Prequel? Nope. He’s already burnt that bridge with the four thousand odd ‘made for tv’ Young Indiana Jones movies – which, to be fair, weren’t all that bad. So what’s left? The only direction that Lucas has to go this time, is forward. A third generation of Jones?

Casting Natalie Portman as Indiana Jones’ daughter gives Lucas the option of repeating history. In just the same way that Ford walked from one Lucas helmed series to another, Portman can do the same. A new adventure series with ties to Indiana, but with the fresh face of Portman, could be the next big thing for Lucas to play on. Portman could certainly pull off such a role and lets face it, whether they’ve been successful or not, there’s been a trend towards female led action movies over the last few years.

Of course this is just pure speculation on my part, but if the rumor that Natalie Portman is to play Jones’ daughter turns out to be true, lets just hope that enough time has elapsed for her character to have attended college.. I mean, who doesn’t want to see a scene with Portman, Ford and Connery all being introduced… Dr Jones, Dr Jones… Doctor, Doctor… ah, Dr Jones… Doctor, Dr Jones…. Hell, if we’re lucky maybe Spielberg will let one of the Zucker Brothers direct the film! OK, maybe I am the only one who wants that. [source]

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