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X-crab unwell

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X-crab unwell

A sad news post today, Turbo, beloved member of the X-Crabs and star of such films as “When Crabs Attack” (in which he played a moody rebel), is unwell and I fear the worst. Over the last few weeks the cold temperatures here in Melbourne has seen all of the X-Crabs take to heating themselves under the desk lamp – however Turbo has been particularly anti-social in this regard and today, whilst filling their drinking water I noticed that Turbo was, in fact, anything but living up to his name – his sluggish movements have me concerned for his well being.

I will keep you posted as to Turbo’s condition – I suspect your prayers will comfort him.

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    oh no

  • Our thoughts go out to all Turbo’s family and friends. And also to one of my Zebra fish who died today.