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Teh search is over!

Headless star wars action figure collecting, Basement dwelling, your children’s future is in the hands of, Phil Collins CD hoarding, show tunes singing, Brett Lamb proved tonight that he’s actually useful even without a DV camera in his hands!
That’s right he has come forward to identify the ‘uncanny simpson’ as “Artist Dave Stewart, from The Simpson’s Tree House of Horror #7 comic book”

So there you have it – mystery solved – Brett wins for himself one full day of not copping shit from me…. it’s not today though!

Not the slightest bit amusing: TFM has posted another comic… low brow humor is the only winner.

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    I am adding some dumbarse comment

    very droll, Elroy.

  • The man of Quiet
    Actually TFM was very slightly amusing this time…done a hundred times before …but amusing …and yes I am on the phone to the broker now “Buy tissues dammit…people will be crying with laughter out there”

  • hi and welcome to lala land

  • yeah i posted on

    and everyone said it prolly from a comic

  • Hey Quiet!
    Don’t go dissing the classics man – or else next week he’ll bring that ‘Gerald’ clown back again!

  • Gerald may appear in Thursdays comic.. im not sure yet.

    i havent had Manboy in it for a while. i gotta put him in soon as well.. .. after all.. he actually was the first character i created.. all those years ago ;)