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Posts here on EOL have been pretty thin on the ground lately – mostly consisting of movie reviews that I’ve been writing for Gamespace and such. However I plan to be a little more active in the future and am currently planning some shenanigans for the year… of course there are plans for an update to Ask An Idiot, so if you’ve got a question be sure to get it in before Furious and I manage to get our shit together and actually do this thing!

Completely Unrelated: Last night ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ aired on TV. Great movie…. But I noticed something really weird.
While the movie was on I had to ask the good lady Barberella to turn the sound down several times. Each time she’d turn it oblige, but then, over time she’d turn it up again.

What’s odd is that the movie is subtitled! It’s not like she needed the sound on at all! But then I got thinking… perhaps she was using the same logic that people who raise their voices use when they’re trying to communicate with someone who only speaks a foreign language? Maybe she thought that, if she turned it up loud enough that she’d actually begin to understand what they were saying.. Which, in turn, got me thinking about an incident from quite a few years back, when a mate of mine found himself watching a movie late one night and convinced himself that he’d suddenly developed the ability to understand Spanish… of course, he was stoned out of his mind and was actually reading the subtitles… or maybe he had the TV up really loud?

Man, I can’t believe you read this far – this post was clearly going nowhere from the start!

~ elroy

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    re: spanish comprehension
    the golden moment was the decision to wake the household to tell everyone of his new-found skills…now where’s that fried chicken.

  • Uh huh…
    The stoned guy was you wasnt it, Elroy? HUH? HUH?

  • No, actually, it wasn’t!
    As it so happens I was one of the poor bastards that he decided to awaken and share the news of his miraculous bilingual ability… Which means that the first comment was left by the other poor bastard in the house at the time!

    ~ elroy