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Zombies: Another Invasion

It’s probably a result of having her life plastered all over the cover of every magazine in every supermarket in Australia, but I’d pretty much lost interest in whatever it was that Nicole Kidman has been up to lately. Sure, I know that she just married that country singer – how could I not? But as far as what it is that she’s been doing movie wise, well, I can’t say that I’ve bothered with anything she’s done since The Interpreter. As luck would have it though, she was in a car accident yesterday (uninjured) and, as a result, her latest project has come to my attention.

Apparently Nicole’s latest project, and the one that she was working on when the accident occurred, started out as a third remake of the brilliant sci-fi classic INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. The film started out being called simply INVASION, but the name changed (presumably because of the television series, with that name and based on the ‘body snatchers’ concept, which was airing at the time) to THE VISITING, before again changing to it’s current title THE INVASION… With so many changes it’s no wonder that it’s managed to allude my sci-fi, horror, movie remake, spider senses!

While the film started out as being a remake the script has undergone so many changes and is so far from the original that it is now considered to be a completely independent work. What also sounds cool is that The Invasion appears to have added more weight to the whole ‘zombie’ element which was really only touched on in the original (first remake?). This is all great really, because we don’t need a remake of IotBS any time soon as the 1978, Philip Kaufman version (which stared Donald Sutherland and Jeff Goldblum) is still extremely enjoyable to watch.

In this new version Nicole plays a psychiatrist who discovers that a strange epidemic (which ZOMB-A-FIES people) has an alien origin (well, DUH)… Sadly though, in one of those all to convenient plot conventions, it turns out that Nic’s character’s son may hold the key to stopping the zombie making virus thingy.

Shoddy sounding plot conveniences aside, with people like Nicole and James Bond (Daniel Craig) involved we may just have our first ever mainstream zombie flick success on our hands. And besides, I’ve always said that if you can’t suspend your disbelief for at least a couple of hours then you should be watching a zombie movie in the first place!

Oh, one other titbit that I also noticed and thought was pretty cool, is that Veronica Cartwright, who played Nancy Bellicec in the 1978 Invaders of the Body Snatchers AND appeared in several episodes of the short lived (But brilliant) INVASION television series, also has a role in this film! [source]

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    Grrrr, Arg….
    I like my morbid movies with some comedy. Black humour lends itself very well to the ‘undead’ theme, as was very effective in ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and (my personal favourite) ‘Slither’.

    I know that we are unlikely to see any real (intended) humour from ‘our Nicole'[attached rant follows]

    (don’t you HATE that terminology of claiming someone as ‘ours’ – screams gay… not that there is anything wrong with that…)

    but, without possibly anticipating a spoiler, I hope that we won’t see a George A. Romero dark ending for this movie either.

  • Brains!
    I agree with you about the black comedy – I love Shaun of the Dead and Slither.. but my all time favourite is still An American Werewolf in London. IMO it was the first film to successfully combine humour and comedy, in so much as it is still both a bloody funny movie and a particularly frightening one.

    I also have to agree with you about the whole *our Nicole* thing… I guess we just have to wait until she has an anti-Semitic outburst or throws a telephone at a concierge before the *our* gets dropped like a hot potato.

    As for not wanting a dark ending… Sorry, but I’m going to have to go the opposite way. Personally I’m a huge fan of the bleak ending. Actually, it’s more that I’m sick to death of pathetic, predictable and unpalatably sweet, happy endings. I guess that’s why I love CHILDREN OF MEN so much…. well, that and the fact that it was a brilliant bit of film making.

  • Any ending… just not pointless.
    I loved American Werewolf! I think this was one of the first flicks I ever saw which explored the sweet/sour mix of humour/horror.

    One of my favourite zombie flicks was ‘The Omega Man’ – Charlton Heston vs the world. Although the main character bites the big one (or you assume so…) there was a point reached and the violent end was not pointless.

    I suppose I don’t have anything against a dark ending as I don’t have anything against the light and fluffy endings.

    As long as they aren’t pointless endings. I think a good ending is one that doesn’t leave you in the chair thinking “Now what the hell was THAT all about???”

  • Just have to say…
    The Omega Man kicks large quantities of butt!

    I’d say that we’re not too far off hearing about a remake of The Omega Man.. or maybe even Soylant Green!