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Mice – Indian style!

Dr. Paul Okunieff, chief of radiation oncology at the University of Rochester’s Wilmot Cancer Center has been pouring curry onto mice and then blasting them with a dose of radiation… Yeah, cast my mind back to my bachelor days too.. but Okunieff’s not a bad cook, (well, I dunno really – he may well be!) he and his fellow medical scientist type mates have curry-radi-fied over 200 mice in an attempt to study a method of preventing the blisters and burns that some cancer patients suffer from when under going radiation therapy.

What’s even weirder than a bunch of guys in white coats marinading rodents in indian food is the fact that this actually appears to work!

“There were far fewer blisters or burns on the mice who had been given curcumin,”

Said Dr. Ivan Ding (One of Okunieff’s mouse dousing mates) – ‘curcumin’ is the stuff that makes the spice ‘turmeric’ it’s yellow color.

While this is great news for those forced to go through radiation therapy, and anything that can be done to relieve their suffering is to be applauded, one has to ask where this idea came from?? I mean – is hospital food really that bad!?

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source – Reuters

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