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Keep Me In Your Heart (For A While)

You just got to love a guy with the ability to see the lighter side of.. well, everything.

What will no doubt be Warren Zevon’s final album (titled “The Wind”) will be released next Tuesday and it contains a version of an old Dylan song that, to be honest, has been done to death (no pun intended) – however Zevon doing a version now pretty much sums up why I appreciate the man so much.

Just under a year ago doctors told Zevon that he was suffering terminal cancer and had 3 months to live. Appearing on The Late Show not long after that Zevon told Letterman that the news had changed his outlook on life and stated that “He enjoys every sandwich”. He then set out on a short tour and then to the recording studio to record what is probably the first ever album recorded by an artist who knew their death was imminent.

So, what’s the Dylan song he’s covered? Knocking on heaven’s door.

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    It might have been covered to death, but I enjoy every version of that song.

  • yeah
    so, we’ve got another Jeff Buckley on our hands?

  • Not Quite
    While I agree that Jeff Buckley’s death was a tragic loss for the music industry, I (and this is just my opinion) don’t believe that the two can be compared. Jeff Buckley was really only beginning the public and successful part of his music career and while he may not be as well known amongst a the ‘younger audience’ Warren Zevon has had a long and reasonably successful career (if you count success by the number of albums he’s made and the quality of his music). Not to mention that Jeff Buckley drowned in an unfortunate accident where as Warren Zevon has been dealing with cancer for the last 12 months… well, he has been suffering with it for longer than that, however he was only diagnosed with it 12 months ago.

    Oh, and I agree Furious – Knocking on heaven’s door is a great song.

    Anyway – here’s a bit of a discography of Warren’s work (I may have missed some):

    [b]The Wind[/b]
    Label: Artemis Records
    Released: 08.26.03

    [b]First Sessions[/b]
    Label: Varese Vintage
    Released: 03.18.03

    [b]Genius: The Best Of Warren Zevon[/b]
    Label: Rhino Records
    Released: 10.15.02

    [b]My Ride’s Here [/b]
    Label: Artemis Records
    Released: 05.07.02

    [b]Life’ll Kill Ya [/b]
    Label: Artemis Records
    Released: 01.25.00

    [b]I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (An Anthology) [/b]
    Label: Rhino Records
    Released: 09.17.96

    [b]Mutineer [/b]
    Label: Giant
    Released: 05.23.95

    [b]Learning To Flinch [/b]
    Label: Giant
    Released: 04.13.93

    [b]Mr. Bad Example [/b]
    Label: Giant
    Released: 10.15.91

    [b]Transverse City [Remaster] [/b]
    Label: Virgin
    Released: 05.06.03

    [b]Sentimental Hygiene [Remaster] [/b]
    Label: Virgin
    Released: 05.06.03

    [b]A Quiet Normal Life: Best Of Warren Zevon [/b]
    Label: Elektra Entertainment

    [b]The Envoy [/b]
    Label: Elektra Entertainment

    [b]Stand In The Fire [/b]
    Label: Elektra Entertainment
    Released: 10.17.90

    [b]Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School [/b]
    Label: Elektra Entertainment
    Released: 06.30.92

    [b]Excitable Boy [/b]
    Label: Elektra Entertainment
    Released: 10.12.88

    [b]Warren Zevon [/b]
    Label: Elektra Entertainment
    Released: 05.19.92

    [b]Wanted Dead Or Alive [/b]
    Label: One Way Records
    Released: 06.11.96

  • Keep Me In Your Fart (For A While)
    “The Wind”

  • Buzz is back…
    …and in his best form ever!

  • Autographed copies of my book are available in the lobby for purchase.

  • *yoink!*

  • You Toad
    [B]Eat me, you uncultured ass![/B]Warren Zevon was a brilliant, albeit overlooked genius. Simply the fact that you have no idea who Warren Zevon was makes you utterly incompetent to form an opinion. Listen first, then opine at will. If you can’t understand his music, then admit it – then shut up.