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No fang no dang!

Do you sometimes find that you have trouble understanding what the hell it is that people are talking about? Right there with you buddy! It really seems that language trends are changing as fast as you can get the gist of what it is people are going on about! HELL, I’m not even sure people use the word ‘gist’ anymore!

Fear not my bamboozled pundit! I’ve discovered the answer to your prays! Well, at least the answer to your prays which don’t involve Lara Flynn Boyle, a jar of peanut butter and eleven cans of energy drink… And the answer is The Urban Dictionary! Basically it’s an organic dictionary that is fashioned by the kind of fools who populate the internet… not unlike yourself… Anyway, while it’s not totally accurate (as you will discover if you perform a search for ‘elroy’) and can be somewhat juvenile at times, it can still help keep you up-to-date… at least where understanding what words/terms such as fhqwhgads, kitten killing. jorb and bling are concerned!
You can also make your own submissions to the dictionary too.. I’ve made one already… see if you can find it!


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  • right on
    Actually I think their definition of Elroy is right on…


  • why you…..
    Smart guy.. it’s seems they nailed the definition of Dogcow too!