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Another idiot chimes in!

It’s been a while since I’ve had cause to update the Idiot Gallery but in this mornings email bag I found a disturbing image from our first [b]American Idiot[/b]!

Tycho (the aboved mentioned American idiot) tells us a bit about himself in his email:

I usually spend the cold days here in Alaska polishing the personalized number plate on my Saturn, soldering Quadras together to make supercomputers, worshipping Elroy, chasing raccoons with a stick and expanding (or enjoying) my David hasselhoff collectables!

Well, as disturbing as it may be, Welcome to the Idiot Gallery Tycho!

I suspect these new images will be of great interest to America’s most wanted

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1 Comment

    Elroy poster
    Should add the poster to your store of crap, mind you, it appears you have lost condition.