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Japanese Mars probe abandoned
Japan has been forced to abandon its first ever interplanetary space mission after failing to correct an onboard electrical fault with its Mars probe Nozomi.

Landing Sites for the Mars Exploration Rovers
Two spacecraft carrying identical rovers are on approach to the red planet for landings scheduled three weeks apart in January 2004…. Check the neato Flash animation about the landing sites! [elroy]

Is there water on Mars?
When Mars Express reaches the Red Planet on 25 December we will be closer than ever to discovering if the ancient river valleys on the surface of Mars hide huge reservoirs of water beneath. Watch and listen to the evidence on VideoTalk… Oh yeah! More neato Mars related Flash gear! [elroy]

Pay attention kids – as always there’ll be a test on this stuff. And don’t get your panties in a bunch either, the Cheese World Diary is coming soon!

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    Quick…the DVD!!!
    Better ask Barb if you can delve into her DVD collection. I just saw the most awesome meteorite last night. They’re coming, I tells you!!! The Triffids are coming!!!!

  • Hmmm,….
    I don’t think it is a big a threat this time, so “Earth Girls Are Easy” should do the trick :lol:

  • Hang on…
    If everyone in Australia simultaneously tunes their televisions into ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’, perhaps the aliens will simply think Earth is devoid of intelligent life.

  • No need to involve everyone else..
    … Just getting them to listen in to a conversation between you two (probably about star wars) orta do it.

  • Double Ewe Tee Eff?
    Brett and my conversations about Star Wars would only serve to drive off the aliens because they ARE intelligent, and the aliens would only feel threatened by our overwhelming superiority, that they would just back off.

    By the way, any spelling mistakes in this comment are not mistakes. I am always right; it’s reality that’s frequently incorrect.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen..
    .. I rest my case.

  • That’s it!
    When the aliens do invade and you’re subjugated by their evil regime, don’t be surprised if we refuse to storm their headquarters and disable the shield generator to aide your liberation. I mean, honestly…